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The Future Makers: Renowned Among the Best Education Consultants in Mumbai

Do you need guidance on the courses that you could study abroad; the universities that you could target for your chosen course and how to get admission into your chosen universities? Don’t worry, TFM (The Future Makers), one of the best education consultants in Mumbai, is here to help you. We are the most well qualified professionals in the overseas education consulting industry.


Considering the immense demand for admissions in top universities, young study abroad aspirants need excellent candidature and the right support to enroll in the universities of their dreams. Having gone through the study abroad ourselves and having studied from top universities of the world, we bring personal experience of studying abroad to the table, something which is invaluable for the students aspiring to go abroad. Our goal is simple, we wish to see our students studying in the best universities around the world, keeping their profile, budget and study abroad priorities in mind.

Services Offered - Study in USA Consultants in Mumbai

As an education consultant, we provide the following services:

Profile Building & Evaluation

We are among the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai. We are famous for not adopting the old school aptitude test approach to guiding students in finding the ideal career path. Having gone through countless aptitude tests ourselves, we acknowledge that these tests don't accurately assist the students in choosing the right course for them. We schedule one on one brainstorming sessions with students to understand where their interests lie and also to gauge their skills in different domains. On the basis of our discussions with the student and using the expert knowledge gained by us in this respect, we assist the students in choosing the ideal course for them.

University Shortlisting

Once your course is finalised, the next step is to decide which country to study in and which universities to target. On the basis of a student's grades, budget, study abroad preferences etc, we assist the students in finalising a study abroad destination of their choice. After this, we create a detailed Excel sheet to help students finalise the universities that offer the specific course that they want to pursue. No two university lists are the same as every student has different study abroad preferences.

For example, if working part time during the course is a big priority of the student, we curate a detailed university list which would include only those universities which are in big cities as finding a part time job is much easier in the bigger cities.

SOP, LOR and Resume Editing Services

This is our USP! Rely on our team of writers, that help us become the best education consultants in Mumbai, who provide editing services for all supporting documents, like LORs, SOPs, and resumes. We have skilled editors who can tailor your SOPs and LORs so that you get shortlisted for admission into your preferred university without any hassle. Unlike other consultants, we don’t believe in getting an SOP made as per the standardised SOP format as the universities don’t appreciate generic SOPs. The SOPs should be as specific to your profile as possible! We share SOP guidelines that are made to guide you regarding how to write an ideal SOP. We also share sample SOPs of our students who have received offers from top universities in the past, so that you have a good idea of how SOPs should be written to get an offer from the top universities.

Scholarship assistance

We assist the students with scholarship essays as well. A lot of scholarships require the students to make a separate scholarship application. TFM assists the students with scholarship application form filling, as well as, scholarship essays editing and proofreading. If you want to know your eligibility for a scholarship, then that can also be done by our consultants.

Accommodation Assistance

We will guide you with finding the best student accommodation as per your budget and preferences, and ensure you have a safe and comfortable stay abroad journey ahead! We also do this as soon as possible to ensure that your accommodation is not sold out or the rent doesn’t get very inflated.

Loan and Visa Counselling

We assist the students in attaining education loans at a good rate of interest. Our loan team ensures that our students get the industry’s best rate of interest from the education loan companies. Furthermore, as one of the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai, we provide visa counselling and prepare you through mock interviews so you can crack your visa interview easily. Currently, we have a 100% visa success rate. 

What more do you want? Contact us today to know the process of studying abroad and get expert guidance on the same.


How can the best education consultants in Mumbai help me?


We make the entire procedure of studying abroad easier by helping you make decisions that align with your academic aspirations and objectives. We do this through our detailed expertise in the overseas education consulting domain.

Do you charge hefty prices for your services?

As alumni of top universities of the world, we acknowledge that students wish to minimise their costs and wish to get the best assistance possible for their study abroad journey. Thus, keeping in mind the students’ requirements, we have made our services’ pricing very reasonable to make sure that the students get good value for money. This makes us the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai.

Can study in USA consultants in Mumbai help me with course and university selection?


Yes, you can greatly benefit if you choose a course and university with the help of our expert study abroad advisers. We can help you choose the finest options that match your academic interests and objectives as we have comprehensive knowledge about programmes and universities not just in the US but also in different countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Ireland.

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