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The Future Makers stands out as the Best Consultancy for Study in the UK

Did you know that there is so much negative publicity about pursuing your Master’s in the UK and finding a job later on? So many students are unaware of how the situation actually is and create an opinion based on hearsay. A lot of students are unable to target their dream options because someone informed them that they are not eligible to apply for a certain program.


There are lakhs of students in India that study in the UK every year; however, how many of them are actually targeting the top 10-15 universities in the UK? Lower ranked universities might be attractive in terms of their fee structure and the abundant scholarships that they offer. However, ask yourself, are they actually providing the returns that you seek?


At TFM, we help you target the best universities in the UK based on your profile. We also provide you with personal insights on life in the UK. How is that possible? Because our co-founders have themselves pursued their Master’s in the UK in the University of Manchester, which is ranked in top 30 universities in the world. It is extremely important to know the entry requirements for universities and more importantly, to know where your profile stands for these universities.

We, at TFM, help you stand out through stellar SOPs, LORs and Resumes. How are our students able to get top admits like LSE, Imperial, Manchester and Warwick? Well, they made a smart choice of taking assistance from the top consultancy for study in the UK- TFM (The Future Makers)! Get assistance with top-notch SOPs, LORs and Resumes and make your profile stand out with us!

Why is TFM the best education consultant for the UK?

For starters, our co-founders have themselves been to the UK. What better assistance could you get than personalised insights from them? Furthermore, our team is trained to provide highest quality assistance with the most customer centric approach. We guide you through every step of the way to make sure that your study abroad journey is less daunting and more seamless. After all, if you get a top admit in one of the best universities in the UK, it’s a win for us too!

Within a few years of industry presence, TFM has become a one-stop solution for study-abroad aspirants from India looking to pursue their higher studies in the top universities in the UK. As a comprehensive service provider, we at TFM offer end-to-end study in the UK solutions to all aspirants, with services like profile building and evaluation, SOP, LOR, resume editing, loan and visa assistance, accommodation assistance, university selection, and career guidance.

What approach do we follow?

We first conduct a FREE consulting session and place no time limit on the session! In this session, our approach is to gain an idea of your profile to be able to gauge where does your profile fit in and how can you proceed further? If you are confused about what program to pursue, we will be helping you choose a particular program as well. Post this, in the session, we brief you up about the process and when you should be starting the process to apply to the top UK universities. Ideally, starting the process by June of the year prior to your intake is the best case scenario. This will give you the time to not only work on documents but also on your overall profile. Furthermore, we brief you on the documents required and how we will be assisting you with the documents, education loan, accommodation and student visa. 

We currently boast a 100% success rate for UK student visas. As one of the leading consultancies for study in the UK, we have helped many students get admission to the best UK universities. These include The London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London, The University of Manchester, King's College London, The University of Warwick, The University of Edinburgh and University College London.

Rely on Us for Scholarship Information

Having studied in the UK, we understand the costs of studying your Master’s abroad. Thus, we ensure to provide you with the scholarship assistance to relieve the financial burden off of you. While bagging a scholarship is very difficult, we encourage each and every student to apply for the same. Even a small amount of scholarship can be very helpful. We help you curate the best scholarship essays so that you can put your candidature for review in the best manner possible. 

Overall, we are one of the best education consultants for UK, offering all-inclusive services to help students navigate the complicated process of studying in UK easily. Contact our experts now for a free consultation!


I looked at your UK universities list, and they all look good to me. I'm not sure which one I should apply for.


This is one of the most common questions that most students have who are planning to study in the UK. Here’s where our experts step in. Based on your budget, profile, study abroad preferences and academic objectives, we will be guiding you in choosing the best universities that align with your profile and goals.

I have decided on a UK university, but I'm not sure whether I must go to that one university only. Please guide me.


It is always advisable to apply to multiple universities, around 6/7 universities, to enhance your chances of getting an offer. Relying on just 1 university can backfire and induce you to drop your plans of studying abroad.

Who is the founder of TFM?


TFM was co-founded by Subodh Agarwal and Narayani Ramalingam, who have experienced the frustrations and challenges of the study abroad process. They were, thus, driven by the mission of providing exceptional guidance and support to aspirants studying abroad.

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