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Updated: Jun 4

Australia is becoming a popular study abroad destination, ranked as the third most popular destination right after the UK and the US, for international students, offering diverse programs and opportunities for jobs in various domains including Marketing, Consulting, Finance, Human Resource, and more. Australia is best known for its top ranked programs in the fields of management, biotechnology, marine engineering and IT, it also boasts top tier universities such as University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash University, University of New South Wales etc. It is a very welcoming and student-friendly country making it comfortable and easier for the international students to adapt easily to the new environment. 

Here are top 5 reasons why studying in Australia can be quite promising - 

  • Top-notch universities and courses- 

Australia is home to 8 out of the world's top 100 universities which include The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, Australian National University, UNSW, and more. Some of the renowned courses for the Master’s program span across Data Science, Healthcare Management, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality Courses, Mechanical Engineering, and other business centred courses like MBA. Australia is an ideal destination for students who want to pursue psychology, business, tech and marine engineering related programs as Australia boasts top universities for these programs enabling students to obtain excellent training and education. There are approximately 42 universities which provide a range of 22,000 different courses. Thus, the students have a wide array of programs that they can choose to study in Australia

  • Return on Investment-

Studying in Australia can be an expensive affair. However, the return on investment can be equally rewarding. To be able to stay back in Australia, one needs to pursue a 2 year program. The average cost of the 2 year program in total is in the range of 40-60 lakhs. However, the option to stay back in Australia post completion of the program for a period of 3-5 years enables one to earn back the returns on their investment. Moreover, a lot of the universities provide a good amount of scholarships for high achieving candidates, thus reducing your cost. It is highly recommended that should you choose Australia as your study abroad destination, you should utilise the lucrative stay back period offered by the country to work and get some international exposure, whilst earning back the investment.

  • Post study work visa-

Australia offers one of the best stay back periods for international students post completion of their program. Students pursuing a Master’s program are offered a stay back period of 3-5 years, depending on where you stay and study in Australia. If the student is staying in regional areas, the stay back period can be as high as 5 years, and in non-regional areas or big cities, it is 3 years. The post study work visa in Australia is quite appealing to the students as it facilitates a good amount of time to gain work experience and build a career, as compared to the other countries. If you are confused whether Australia is the right country for you, this should be a motivating factor! 

  • Amazing quality of life-

Australia, as a country, has always been known for having great quality of life. The weather in Australia is reasonable and pleasant, which is very helpful for people moving from India. The work life balance that you get in Australia is also unbeatable. After having worked 70 hours in India, moving to Australia might even seem like a vacation. Most of the companies have a lot of benefits for employees that will enable you to enjoy the perks offered by them, even as an immigrant. This is a very strong point to consider when thinking of moving to Australia and working there.

  • High salaries- 

The cost of living is expensive but to compensate, the average household income in Australia is pretty high. The average salary of students who have done MS in Engineering or Software Developers have an average salary of 60,000-80,000 AUD which is great to sustain and save money. It gets even higher for MBA graduates who earn an average of 105,000. Furthermore, while studying, students can earn through part-time roles to aid their expenses and save some money. The universities in Australia also boast top recruiters namely McKinsey, the Berkeley group, Deloitte, Google, and other prestigious companies for various programs. 

Are you unsure of whether you should target Australia? Set up a call with our experts and get your doubts clarified. We are here to support you with your study abroad journey!

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