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What are the top universities in UK?

This is a common question that is asked by thousands of students that connect with us. With the internet being overloaded with information, it is impossible to understand which are the top universities in UK that you should target. Furthermore, there are some rankings that are specific to the program as well. How do you decide? What are the universities that you look at? 


If you are someone pondering over these questions, then you are on the right page. As people who have had immense experience researching for top universities in UK and studying in one, here are the top universities in UK, purely based on quality of education, reputation of the university, and student outcomes:

University of Oxford:

This is the second oldest university in the world, which started 922 years ago! 922 years, that’s right! It is extremely popular for its research programs. The University of Oxford has been ranked as one of the top universities in UK for 8 consecutive years. There are about 26,000 students associated with the University of Oxford. Despite so many years of operating, they have managed to retain their quality and excellence and continue to rank as one of the top universities in UK.


University of Cambridge:

Another university that stands in close competition with the University of Oxford is the University of Cambridge. It is the 4th oldest university in the world. The University of Cambridge holds a strong alumni network of 315,000 students worldwide. Its mission is to contribute to society by promoting education of the highest standards, learning and research. It is very difficult to choose between Oxford and Cambridge, as both are at a similar standing in terms of fostering quality of education and research.


Imperial College London:

Imperial College London stands amongst the top universities in UK due to its excellent programs offered in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business (STEMB). Imperial College London is also known for their diversity and inclusivity and their measures undertaken for Gender Equality, Neurodiversity, Race Equality and LGBTQIA+ community. Another top university that should definitely be on your list.


University College London:

UCL is another university that has been consistently ranked at the top. Their mission is to transform the manner in which the world is understood, the manner in which knowledge is created and shared and the way in which global problems are solved. UCL won the university of the year in 2024 and is ranked 2nd in the UK for Research Power. For science, social sciences and medical related programs, UCL should be on top of your list.


University of Manchester:

A university that is celebrating its 200 years in 2024, Manchester is known most for its Engineering, Psychology and Business programs. They are also well-known for their research programs. Boasting a low acceptance rate and setting high quality education standards, The University of Manchester is definitely worth it. They have a huge alumni network of 500,000 international students. It also stands as one of the most inclusive universities in the UK. Manchester United fans, you have an added advantage of visiting the Old Trafford stadium and watching the matches of one of the oldest and historical clubs in the English Premier League.


University of Edinburgh:

University of Edinburgh is the world’s top research intensive university, ranked 4th in the UK for Research Power. Edinburgh is a city of Authors and the university of Edinburgh boasts a high quality literature program. Did you know that JK Rowling drew a lot of inspiration from the University of Edinburgh and the City of Edinburgh? The City and the university hold a lot of history close to the heart and The University of Edinburgh is one of the top universities in UK that you should definitely target if you wish aim high.


King’s College London:

Located in the heart of London, King’s College boasts a big campus and holds a lot of history. It is one of the most popular universities targeted by several international students, due to its quality and its location. It stands as one of the oldest and prestigious universities in the UK, founded within the traditions of the Church of England by King George IV and Duke of Wellington. Another university to target if the aim is to live and explore the biggest city of England!


Before choosing the university that you wish to target, it is important to understand which universities are popular for your program and where does your profile fit in. It is important to understand the way forward and proceed to apply to the universities with a plan. Get in touch with our experts and understand the way forward and how you can proceed with your plans!


How can I choose a top university for my program?


You will have to consider several factors such as University rankings, course rankings, location, your ambitions, etc. Get in touch with us to get an in depth analysis on the way forward.

Will I get a job after pursuing my Master’s in these universities?

Jobs not only depend on universities, but on several other factors such as your overall profile, resume, interview performance, etc. However, pursuing your program from a reputed university will add value to your profile and help enhance your profile.

What is the acceptance rate of these universities?


These universities have a very low acceptance rate of 5-10%. Thus, very strong profiles with strong grades are required to get into these universities.

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