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Best Overseas Consultancy in India, Unlocking Boundless Horizons

Are you someone who is looking to pursue your studies abroad, but don't know where to start? Every study abroad aspirant deserves to study in the best universities according to their profile. Question is- where do you start? What do you do? What are universities available? What course do you choose? How do the loan, accommodation and visa processes work? That’s where TFM - the best overseas consultancy in India comes to your rescue.


The founders, Subodh Agarwal and Narayani Ramalingam, co-founded TFM, with a mission to promote top quality education for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. Stemming from their own personal negative experiences with the education consultants, they started TFM, keeping customer centricity as their top priority, adopting utmost transparency and genuineness in their approach.


TFM is strictly against the one-size-fits-all approach. Every profile is different and needs personalized guidance and attention. It is important to take the student’s overall profile, budget, background and ambitions into consideration while mentoring students with career paths, universities, documents for applications, education loans, accommodations and visas. We at TFM, highly encourage all the students to target the best universities possible for their profile to reap the highest ROI. We are a one-stop solution for students and one of the best abroad education consultants in India today. For us, quality, transparency and genuineness are attributes that are non-negotiable. We are right there by your side throughout the long process of your study abroad journey.

What Makes Us the Best Abroad Education Consultants in India?

One of our biggest draws is our personal experience of pursuing Master’s abroad, which enables students to relate to our study abroad experience. Every study abroad consultancy will help you with your documents. What we do differently is provide you with personalized insights on the struggles faced while studying abroad and how you can overcome the same. In short, we are there for you, through your journey, through the ups of acceptances and the downs of rejections. We provide very detailed career counseling for students who are confused on which course would be the best for their profile. We ensure to provide you with the best and the most personalized university list based on your goals, thus, no two university lists for two different students are the same. We place a lot of emphasis on your documents such as your SOPs, LORs, and Resume. These documents can make or break your chances of getting an offer and when you send your documents to universities, it is important to keep in mind to send the highest quality documents to the universities.

Have the silliest of questions? Don’t worry! We are here to answer them all

What’s even better is being endorsed by our alma mater, the University of Manchester, a top 30 university in the world. We have won several business awards from the University of Manchester that validates that we are heading the right way in the pursuit of excellent services. Furthermore, our portfolio showcases top admits such as Duke University, Georgia Tech, London School of Economics, The University of Manchester, Imperial College London, University of Sydney, etc.

Expect a Good Experience and Expertise

How are we able to bring such high quality service to the table? It’s because of the founders' own experience of going from the stage of being confused to finally choosing a country and  a course to study abroad. Being confused about our career is a state that everyone goes through. What we mentor you with is how to navigate this stage of your life to get to the stage where you are assured of your future. One cannot force someone to take a particular course or choose a particular university. We provide you with options and you choose the most logical path for you. Thus, the decision making is under your control. We are just your friendly neighborhood counselors making the job easy for you. 

Moreover, we train our counselors to bring the same approach to the table with students, thus, they are highly equipped to provide you with the best advice regarding your career and provide you with the most updated information. Furthermore, our wide range of services and packages provides you the freedom of choice to choose the best service package that suits your needs. 


We are the most qualified consultants in the market and we train our consultants to be the most qualified consultants in the industry. We bring the industry’s best turnaround time with the documents and with answering your queries, making us one of the best abroad education consultants in India.

Contact us now to navigate through your study abroad process seamlessly and with zero stress. Let’s turn your dreams of studying abroad into a reality! 


Do you help students study abroad?

Yes, we are one of the best abroad education consultants in India who help students choose the right course and university and offer end-to-end support with your entire study abroad process, right from profile evaluation till you receive your student visa.

What are the advantages of going for your services?

As one the best overseas consultancy in India, you will be provided guidance and mentorship by expert consultants in the industry. Moreover, the co-founders are always approachable in case of any queries that you have. We are priced reasonably and our packages cater to your different needs.

What services do you offer?


We offer a plethora of services such as profile evaluation, personalized university list curated for you, SOPs, LORs, Resumes, application form filling, education loan assistance, accommodation assistance, forex assistance, student visas, and most importantly, guiding you through every step of the way and making this process as seamless as possible for you!

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