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TFM : Ireland Education Consultants with a Difference!

Your dream of studying in Ireland is now within reach with the services of the best Ireland education consultants. Connect with us and get guidance and support on choosing the best Irish universities and courses, along with visa, loan and accommodation assistance.

Make Your Study Abroad Journey Challenge-Free and Seamless with TFM!

Studying in top universities in Ireland can boost your profile and open doors to some of the most lucrative career scopes. Nevertheless, the process involves critical steps that you can take only with the help of the best consultancy for education in Ireland, The Future Makers! Here’s what distinguishes us from other consultants in India: 

Profile Building and Evaluation:

We analyze student profiles comprehensively and offer advice on choosing the right career. This way we help you make informed decisions during your study in Ireland journey. Our comprehensive profile analysis will help improve your chances of acceptance in Ireland universities.

University List Shortlisting and Finalization:

We have the expertise to offer the right advice and assistance in seeking admission into the best universities as per your profile, preferences and academic objectives. The priority would be to recommend and apply to the top universities considering all the factors.

GRE and GMAT Exam Consultations:

You can consult with us through email or on call. Unlike other consultancies, we highly recommend consulting us before taking your GRE and GMAT exams.

Application Form Filling Assistance:

We possess expertise in Irish applications and our counselors will be assisting you with the application forms as well. If you do not get admission to any of the Irish universities shortlisted by us, we can help you with applications to more universities without any extra cost.

SOP, LOR, Resume Editing and Proofreading:

We can work with you closely to shape your application. Trust our team to review and refine documents like SOPs, LORs and resumes carefully. We ensure these documents are edited and are compelling enough to significantly improve your chances of admission.

Assistance with Education Loan:

Our counselors help students and their parents plan higher studies in Ireland by assisting them with financial aids. This includes navigating the complexities of loan procedures and providing updated information. Depend on our loan team to negotiate the rate of interest for different loans available for study abroad in Ireland.

Assistance with Scholarship Essays:

We work tirelessly to get you external and university-specific scholarships by applying to all scholarships applicable to your profile. Rely on our qualified experts to help you write the best scholarship essays that can improve your chances of getting scholarships.

Assisting Students in Booking a Student Accommodation:

Worried about where to find the right accommodation in Ireland? Let us do the needful as per your preferences and budget. We will ensure you have a safe and comfortable stay in Ireland during your studies.

Helping Students with the Entire Student Visa Process:

With TFM at your service, you can forget the complexities of applying for a student visa and attending the Ireland student visa interview. Our experts will guide and support you every step of the way, helping overcome all the challenges that may arise during the process.

Helping Students Make Forex Remittances to Universities and Helping Students Get Forex Cards:

Our experts can help you make easy payments to universities at the best rate possible, even better than banks! You can also manage your expenditure after you move abroad through Forex cards conveniently.


Studying in Ireland can be exhilarating but overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to provide personalized support, perfectly tailored to your specific aspirations and requirements. With an impressive student visa success rate and a dedicated team of counselors, your aim of studying in Ireland with The Future Makers is surely to be fulfilled. Contact us now to explore Ireland and other study-abroad destinations!

Frequently Asked Questions: Ireland Education Consultants

Which is the most popular course in Ireland?

Business and tech programs are the most popular in Ireland. 

Does TFM have tie-ups with Irish universities?

Yes, we are trusted partners for several Irish universities, institutions and colleges.

Are there easy student accommodations available?

Yes, the academic institutions provide on-campus student accommodations and you can also rent private student accommodations. For any kind of help in finding student accommodation, contact us!

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