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Pursue MIM from the UK

Post pandemic, the demand for studying abroad has increased and is at an all time high. Students from all parts of the world are moving to countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. to study their Master’s degree. Moreover, a lot of students move for their Master’s abroad instantly after their undergraduate degree is completed. Most of the students do not want to wait until the age of 28 or 29 to complete their higher studies. Thus, MIM (Master of Management) is slowly becoming one of the most popular courses in the world. Initially started in Europe, the course is slowly becoming popular throughout the world.

What is MIM and why MIM?

Just like an MBA, MIM is a general management degree. MIM is ideal for candidates with 0-2 years of work experience, who wish to kickstart their professional journey abroad. While MIM is a newer concept for a lot of international students as they are more aware of MBA, it is a prestigious degree and offers great return on investment, if pursued from a good university. 

Following are some of the reasons why a student should pursue MIM:

1) Kickstart your professional career early- MIM allows you to kickstart your career in top MNCs abroad at a very early age! You don’t have to gain 4-5 years of work experience to pursue another management degree in MBA!

2) Budget friendly course fee- MIM costs almost half of what an MBA degree costs, thereby making it budget friendly! Furthermore, there are some top universities in the world, offering MIM for as low as Rs 20 lakh course fee, thereby making it cheaper than pursuing a Master’s from India in certain cases!

3) Easier to get offers from top universities- Compared to an MBA, where most of the top universities require a very high GMAT score, for MIM, most of the top universities waive off the GMAT requirement and focus heavily on the student’s undergraduate degree grades!

Why should you choose the UK for MIM?

The UK is the hub of top universities abroad. After the US, the UK has the most number of top ranked universities in the world. Most of the students opt to study in the UK for management, legal and psychology related courses! Considering the country’s reputation for business studies, MIM from the UK is a very good option!

Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider pursuing MIM from the UK

1) The UK is home to some of the top universities in the world for MIM such as London Business School, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University of Manchester etc. Studying in one of these universities would expose you to world class education and exposure in the management field.

2) As the MIM courses in the UK are 1 year programmes, the course fee tends to be reasonable as compared to the course fee charged by universities in countries like Australia, where MIM is a 2 year degree. The course fee for MIM in the UK ranges anywhere between Rs 15 lakh to Rs 40 lakh. We do not recommend opting for universities with a course fee below Rs 15 lakh.


3) A 2 year post study work permit allows the students to get practical exposure to the business world after they are done with their 1 year MIM course. This can help students get a good return on their investment and after completion of post study work permit, students can return back to their home country and get job offers from top MNCs, leveraging their practical work experience abroad.


4) One of the biggest advantages of pursuing MIM in the UK over other European nations is the lack of language barrier. It has been observed that for international students, finding a job abroad in a management domain is very difficult in non English speaking countries. Thus, there is a high chance of finding a good job during the 2 year post study work permit in the UK provided the student pursues this course from a good university and has good skills to complement their academic profile.

To summarise, pursuing MIM from the UK is a great choice. We consider the UK to be the best study abroad destination for MIM and specialised Master’s keeping in mind factors such as quality of education, cost of education, return on investment etc.


Why is MIM just a 1 year degree in the UK? Is it recognised in India?

Almost all Master’s courses in the UK are 1 year degrees, including MBA. UK universities tend to follow the 1 year Master’s system but it does not reduce the credibility or the value of the degree. The syllabus of 2 year degrees is covered within 1 year by UK universities. The students need not worry about the value of the degree considering top business schools like London Business School and London School of Economics offer it. Thus, pursuing MIM from the UK is a safe bet.

Why do most UK universities waive off GMAT for MIM?


Post pandemic, most of the universities worldwide have started to waive off GMAT exam for most of their courses. Furthermore, UK universities have always given preference to undergraduate degree grades and the reputation of the university where the student pursued their degree over GMAT scores. Thus, top universities tend to have a minimum entry requirement of 8/10 CGPA. 

I pursued my undergraduate degree in engineering but I wish to do a management degree for my Master’s. Will it be possible to do MIM from the UK without facing visa complications or rejections from top universities?


You can definitely do that. We have assisted so many students in the past who pursued an undergraduate degree in engineering and then transitioned to management through MIM. MIM from the UK is great for students who are looking to transition from a non management background to management. There will be no visa complications in this case as the UK student visa is not very difficult to attain as of today and the visa authorities understand that a lot of students want to transition from non management degrees to management!

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