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Rendezvous with Excellence: Indian students’ guide to study in France

France is one of the top 10 study abroad destinations for Indian students. From top quality education and availability of post study work permits to a good cultural scene, France has a lot to offer to the Indian students! Furthermore, after the recent announcement from the French government that they want to welcome 30,000 Indian students by 2030 in their country, more and more Indian students are planning to pursue their Master’s in France.

Here are some of the main reasons why students from India prefer to study in France:

World class business schools

The business schools in France such as HEC Paris and INSEAD compete every year with top business schools of US and UK at the top of business school rankings! The practical approach to teaching business oriented courses is greatly appreciated by Indian students, who yearn for practical exposure.

Fashion hub

It cannot be debated that France is the fashion hub of the world. As a result of this, there are a lot of job opportunities in cities like Paris in the luxury brand management/ fashion management field. Almost all French business schools offer a luxury brand management course!

Cost of education

Another big advantage of studying in France is the lower cost of education as compared to the cost attributed to studying in the US or Australia. Most of the universities in France charge a course fee of anywhere between €14000 to €40000, which makes it a budget friendly option.

Having discussed the pros, following are the cons of studying in France:

Heriot-Watt University Dubai:

Most of the Indian students opt for business courses in France. However, as per a lot of reports and alumni, it has been observed that job opportunities in France are limited for international students in the business domain. Language is a big barrier for Indian students to get jobs in France. A lot of students are not keen to learn the language upto B2/C1 certification level, thereby making it difficult for the students to find a job in France.

High cost of living

While the tuition fee can be very cheap in France, especially in public universities, the cost of living is extremely high. Even for cities other than Paris, the living expenses are one of the highest in the world for international students.

To summarize, like any other country in the world, France has its own pros and cons. However, from a quality of education perspective, very few business schools in the world can match upto the level of French business schools. If the goal is to start a business in the fashion industry in India instantly after Master’s is done, we would highly recommend studying in France for Indian students.


Would studying in France as an Indian student pose cultural barriers?

While yes, there would be certain cultural barriers that an Indian student in France would face, that would be the case anywhere in the world. Our recommendation would be to learn French upto B1/B2 level and then to opt for Master’s in France!

Which courses is France famous for?

Most of the Indian students study in France the following programs: business, engineering and fashion related Master’s courses.

Is GMAT needed for top French business schools like HEC Paris and INSEAD?

While this varies from course to course, for most of the programmes, we highly recommend the Indian students to appear for GMAT for HEC Paris and INSEAD. However, do note that HEC Paris does accept CAT test scores on a case to case basis!

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