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Top Universities To Pursue MS In Computer Science In The US

Updated: Jun 3

Computer Science ranks as the third most in-demand field among the international students in the US. The field offers a vast array of career specialisations, and its demand for students in this field is growing rapidly. According to the World University Rankings, Computer Science boasts the fifth highest reported median salary mid-career, making it a rewarding choice. The field offers exceptional job security, further making it a promising career choice. To excel in this field and ensure good job opportunities, it is essential to receive quality education from renowned institutions, exposing students to top-notch facilities and potential for career advancements. While studying in the US can be expensive, selecting universities that provide a high Return on Investment (ROI) can prove to be a valuable asset throughout one’s life. 

Considering career opportunities, quality of education, and course structure, here are the top 5 universities in the US that you should consider for pursuing an MS in Computer Science. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:-

An MS Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has secured its place among the top global universities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides exceptional education quality, coupled with practical learning and numerous work opportunities to its international students. Due to the high graduate employability rate, it's the most preferable institute for international students. The rigorous curriculum shapes the students to be competent to carry out extensive research work in their field. MIT alumni have launched 30,200 active companies and ample external projects. Top recruiters for this program post-graduation include Google, Boeing, Lockhead Martin, and more. The admission process is highly competitive and hence, the student must have a high GPA score and remarkable supporting documents including standard 3 LORs, SOP, resume, and transcripts. The career and job prospect is highly rewarding as the average salary of MIT graduates is $115,000. 

Stanford University:-

One of the most reputed and selective, the computer science degree program from this university emphasises on professional practice by advanced preparation. The course spans for around 1.5 years with nine different specialisations offered, out of which the student can select one pertinent to their interest and are free to change later. The university has around 22000 exceptional faculty, and undertakes ample external projects. As the university is highly competitive, students must craft their profiles to be outstanding and eminent. The university demands a high GPA score along with SOP, 3 LORs, CV, resume, and transcripts. The course structure follows a range of varied subjects, including Artificial Intelligence, Biocomputation, Real-World Computing, and Information Management and Analytics. Some of the notable alumni from this university encompasses personalities such as Larry Page, Reed Hastings, Brian Acton, and more. The average salary post completion of this program from Stanford is approximately $112,049. 

Carnegie Mellon University:- 

The university caters to students with basic analytic skills and who have strong aptitude for mathematics, programming, and logical reasoning. It takes tentatively three years for students to complete their program. The program does not encompass a detailed required curriculum rather the students create their own course of study in consultation with their advisor. Admission requirements include the student’s SOP, CV, transcripts, 3 LORs, valid IELTS or TOEFL scores, and high GRE score. The average starting salary for CS graduates is $105,000. Top employers for this program in this prestigious university include Alibaba Group, Google, Oracle, McKinsey & Company, Meta, Bloomberg, lyft, and more. 

University of California, Berkeley:-

The Master of Science course in CS in this university, dwells on research preparation, and experience. The students here are exposed to an intellectually rigorous and globally aware environment with numerous valuable opportunities and world-renowned faculty driving their research prowess. The university is top-rated and one of the best public universities in the world. The admission requirements are- a score of at least 3 CGPA in the undergraduate program. If the student is appearing for TOEFL, then they must have a score of above 90 IBT and 570 PBT, and if they are appearing for IELTS, they must have a solid score of 7 and above. The course structure includes the Interpretation of Computer Programs, Programmable Digital Systems Laboratory, Machine Structures, VLSI systems design, and more. After graduation, the annual average starting salary of the candidate is approximately $120,000.  A conglomerate of companies are invited as recruiters which are Abbott Laboratories, Cisco, Google, Amazon, Meta, Adobe, Airbnb, Ebay, and more. 

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign:- 

According to the 2021-22 US News and World Report’s America’s Best College rankings, UIUC was rated the 15th best public university and 47th best national university in the US. The campus spans across 9.9 sq. miles and encompasses across 651 buildings. The course structure is distinctive ranging from bioinformatics, scientific computing, to theory and algorithms. To be eligible for applying to this university, the student has to have completed their 4 year bachelor’s degree in a related or equivalent program. A minimum of 3 CGPA score is required in the last two years of the undergraduate program. Along with the transcripts, the submission of LORs, resume, and personal statements are accepted. The student should also have an adequate IELTS or TOEFL score attesting their decent English language proficiency. The average starting salary for UIUC graduates in CS is $119,978. Reputed and renowned companies are invited as recruiters after graduation, including Amazon, Nvidia, Intel, Google, Meta, Apple, Boeing, and more. 

Planning To Study in The US?

It can surely be a daunting process to figure everything out by yourself. Reach out to us to get your doubts clarified and start your study abroad process early on to ensure a stress-free and seamless process! 

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